Tree of life 

I bought glass for this project more than ten years ago, but for a large panel. Then lighting burnt my house to ash and I lost everything. A few pieces of glass survived the inferno, but read: Pieces…

The picture of my planned panel was not wiped from my memory and I knew that eventually it would become reality, and a few weeks ago it did, but reduced as a suncatcher. I decided to use some of the glas pieces from the original lot.

It was a challenge as I had to adapt my design on-the-go to merge it with the available pieces of brown and the green hills. The soil is also old glass.

The sky and grass are new. Note to myself: Even if a piece of glass is pretty, don’t buy it if was produced in China. The grass glass had a mind of its one, not breaking where I scorched it, and made very sharp splinters.

The glass work is done but my suncatcher still lack a frame. I just couldn’t wait to share… 

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