A student in my studio

My glass shop is 400km away from home. So a visit must be carefully planned and a strict budget set. It is VERY easy to overspend on all the lovely pieces of glas! So… a few weeks ago it was time…

Every sheet of glass is unique and it is always such a pleasure to walk between the isles and admire the exquisite patterns and colour combinations. When I buy glass it is a lengthy process. One colour at a time is touched and considered and held against the light before taking it to the counter. After going through my whole list it is then time to cut each piece according to its purpose (stained glass project or fusing for pendants) and my budget. Glass is realy, realy expensive!

I was wearing one of my fused glass pendants. Another costumer admired it and was very surprised when I told her I made it myself and that it was created in a microwave kiln. She was very interested and I don’t need an excuse to share the passions of my life… so I explained. She asked if I would consider teaching her, and I agreed. I gave her my number and forgot to even asked hers.

Back home I told my family about the lady and my daughter immediately reprimanded me for being so impulsive to invite a stranger into our home. I said she was most probably not serious and nothing will come from it because it is a 400km drive.

About two weeks later she called and said she was serious about coming, is it OK and was I reaaly serious about the invite. Yes! I am not someone who will go back on her word, those who know me, knows. We agreed on a date and what to bring with. She insisted in providing some of the meals for the weekend and I said it would be great, then all our time can be used doing glass.

Last week we made final arrangements and she hesitantly asked if her sister can also come but then they will stay in a guesthouse and not with me anymore. No problem, but they are still welcome to stay with me. (It came out her brother in law reprimanded her sister about staying in a stranger’s house and said he will pay for a guesthouse 😉 …

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my student new skills. She brought some stained glass left overs and we used some of my dichroic glass to learn just a few techniques in our available time. Roelf also contributed to her experience by showing her how to cut rings from bottles and helped her to fix a metal wind chime.

It makes my heart throb in my throat to know that I have spent a day, just one day, with purpose. For one day I didn’t just exists, I meant something for someone else.

3 responses to “A student in my studio

  1. Ek is seker dit moet baie lekker wees om dit te maak. Dit lyk baie mooi.

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