Mosaic table

I sometimes walk around with an idea for months and months and then just one day, it is THE day. This is applicable for a mosaic table that I made in December 2016. Someone threw out a round piece of pressed wood a few years ago and I immediately saw its potential as a mosaic base and in my mind I pictured lots and lots of swirls and circles and an explosion of colour. So it went into my studio and got stored under the table, waiting for better days…

The beauty of mosaics is that it is always unique. For some projects I buy specific tiles, but some just happen on the go. Although big, my table was an on-the-go project and the patterns developed as the days went by. Whenever I go to my hardware or tile store, I buy just one small packet of tiles. In that way I build my own stock to have glass or ceramics available when I have time on hand for random projects.


I started with the border and played with different layouts until I was satisfied before I started gluing the tiles. Then I proceeded playing with the circles.

Mirrors always add a bit of flair and when I opened my box with broken mirror pieces, one particular piece screamed: “Take me… take me! But please don’t cut me…”. So I had no choice but to find a spot for it.


All pieces don’t have to be small

First thing that came to my mind when I saw the mirror was waves and water. I then remembered that I had two fish that I fused in my microwave kiln during an experiment with scraps. Viola! My table had a fish pond…


Play time with flowers and glass pebbles!

Next I added ceramic flowers and glass pebbles of different sizes and colours. The glass flowers also came form my microwave kiln. I also added another swirl and another big piece of mirror to compliment the line at the fish pond in colour and shape. Although the accents looks randomly placed, it is not as random as it seems. I played with each and every pebble, flower and tile in different spots until I was happy that the colours, sizes and shapes complimented and repeated.


Filling the gaps with mirror

Cutting and filling the gaps with mirror was tedious and boring, but unfortunately part of the process.


Before adding the grout

I rounded off the side of the table with a row of brown tiles before fitting it to its base, a huge pottery pot a friend gave me.


The table is 60cm in diameter

None of the pictures really do justice to my table, and it was very difficult to photograph. I have tried different light settings but couldn’t get any picture to accurately portray my mosaic.

I know it is a very busy piece and not to every ones taste, but I am satisfied that I have achieved what I have set out to do – build a piece with lots of swirls and circles and an explosion of colour.


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