Microwave kiln fusing

Reach for your dreams… the sky is the limit! When I laid my eyes on a fused glass pendant the first time, I only dreamed about owning one. Then one day, I closed my eyes and bought one.

Searching the internet for more information delivered lots and lots of the most beautiful pendants. But that was not all… I found an affordable way to do it myself – with a microwave kiln. That opened up a new world of possibilities to further my craft skills.

As a scientist experimenting is part of my being and I can’t tell you just HOW MUCH I enjoy this craft.

I found a Facebook group for Microwave kiln enthusiasts like me, and it is amazing how helpful most of the members are. Not to mention all the various new techniques that is winking…

A dream will never become a reality if you don’t focus on it, plan how to achieve it and then work towards that goal.

Dream big, plan thoroughly and work hard to achieve your goal.



3 responses to “Microwave kiln fusing

  1. Wonderlike goed – ek het ‘n vriendin wie se glas necklace gebreek het en ons soek hulp met die regmaak daarvan

  2. Inbox vir my n foto

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